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To be at the centre of Public Procurement and Asset Disposal. To achieve the best value for money for the state by setting up procurement standards, guidelines, and procedures, building capacity and monitoring procurement proceedings in order to ensure competition, economy , transparency, fairness, efficiency, accountability and zero tolerance to corruption in all public procurement activities.

The mandate of the National Tender Board is derived from chapter two of the law n°25/2003 of 30/11/2003 establishing the National Tender Board and determining its mission, organization and functioning which stipulates the National Tender Board’s mission and powers respectively.
• To ensure organization, analysis and supervision in public procurement matters;
• To advise the government and all public procurement organs on the policies, strategies in matters related to the organization of public procurement;
• To control activities of awarding public contracts and their execution;
• To develop professionalism of the staff involved in public procurement;
• To provide technical assistance as needed and develop teaching material, organize trainings and lay down the requirements which must be met by public procurement officers;
• To collect and disseminate on a regular basis information on public procurement;
• To put in place standard bidding documents, bid evaluation reports and other standard documents for use by public procuring entities;
• To sensitize the public on matters related to public procurement;
• To draw up and publish the list of bidders suspended or debarred from participating in public procurement;
• To establish cooperation and collaboration with other regional and international agencies whose mission is similar to that of National Tender Board;
• To perform such other duties as may be assigned by law and which are not contrary to its main mission.

• To fulfill its mission, National Tender Board shall have the following powers:
• To suspend, upon request or on its own initiative and in accordance with the provisions of the Law governing public procurement a public tender evaluation or award process to conduct an investigation;
• To summon anyone and require him/her to provide any information relevant to the fulfillment of its mission;
• To carry out investigations in any entity governed by the Law of public procurement and get copies of documents related to public procurement where need be;
• To seek assistance from experts in order for it to fulfill its mission;
• To suspend or approve the suspension or debarment of bidders from participating in public procurement.