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Yaounde - Cameroon



1. Central Cameroon Dry Areas Smallholders and Community Services (ERD)
2. Eastern Province District Based Development Project
3. Capital Markets
4. Effective Economic Reform Monitoring
5. Capacity Building for the Ministry of Finance
6. Technical Assistance for Special Assessment and Studies
7. Support Services Programme (SSPII) Management
8. Technical Capacity Facility (TCF)
9. Special Global Fund – PRCU (Finance)
10. Financial and legal sector Technical Assistance Project (Bank Restructuring Privatization Project)
11. Financial and Legal Sector
12. Study and Expert Fund VI, VII, VIII
13. Integrated Financial Management Information System
14. Institutional Reform and Capacity Building Project (I)
15. Central African Trade and Facilitation Project (KRA)
16. Preparation of the First Poverty Reduction Support
17. Economic Recovery Strategy Support Credit
18. Technical Assistance to Ministry of Finance Micro
19. Project Preparation and Study Fund
20. Integrated Financial Management Information System
21. Privatization and Private Sector Competitiveness Project(DGIPE)
22. Government Accountability Project
23. Implementation of the Cameroon Electronic Single Window (CESWS).
24. Lower Wonjoku Community Water Supply Project
25. Green Media Campaign
26. Green Schools
27. Community Development Program
28. Community Trees Campaign
29. Hope from the Farm
30. Adopt A Tree
31. Community Pig Farm Project
32. GeoInformation for Environmental Management
33. Water Tank Project
34. Fibre Optic Cables