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A tender may be national or international, open or restricted and shall be valid only after full compliance with all regulatory requirements of the National Tender Board and/or the procurement committee. The Tender Board after careful deliberations with the competent authority determines whether the tender shall be national, international, open or restricted. Apart from being national or international, tenders are either public or restricted. While national tenders address natural or legal persons domiciled or headquartered in Cameroon, international tenders address the natural or legal persons having their domicile or head office within and outside the borders of Cameroon.

Public bidding/selection

Invitations to bid are adequately mediatised and all interested candidates can submit their offers. Aside from the basic procurement rules and regulations, no particular accreditation or prequalification is required in this case. Authorisation for award of contract is either by the Procurement Committee or the Central Tender Committee.

Restricted bidding/selection

Invitation to bid is restricted to nominated firms only and is preceded by a pre-qualification. It is used where the circumstances do not justify or permit open bidding, that is when the goods, works or services can only available from a limited numbers of suppliers, or when there is an urgent need for them. The National Tender Board may at its discretion invite entities (local and international) to participate in a restricted tender, which may not be published. Invitation (local and international) is based on completion of all Verification Validation and Accreditation (V.V.A) formalities by the National Tender Board. Authorisation for award of contract is either by the Procurement Committee or the Central Tender Committee.


How To Tender


The process of tendering follows below processes:-


Identification of a requirement by the Accounting Officer,

Budgeting for it,

Preparing a specification,

Advertising the requirement,

Receiving offers or bids,

Evaluating the bids,

Awarding the tender,

Signing of contract and